MIGLI BIGLI Part 1/2 AMIGURUMI SAN VALENTIN/ February 14 to Crochet Sub 🇺🇸🇪🇸/ GretaWings



Migli and Bligui are such cute characters and it’s not for less, because they came from the imagination of a child who at that moment felt very sad and alone, it’s incredible how with just pricks and sticks we can express so many emotions.
This is a base that I offer you so that you can let your imagination run wild, you can even personalize them without losing their essence and have a beautiful detail this February 14, Valentine’s Day.

Mismo Tutorial en español: https://youtu.be/TWi5hvDq6Ho

👉Both bodies are woven exactly the same, in the next part we will mark the differences between them
⭐⭐⭐ Free pattern on our website when the second part is available.

Remember this is a free pattern here on our channel and the PDF is for sale on our website gretawings.com. Its sale and translation in any form is prohibited. It is for your personal use and of course, if you can sell the final result of your Amigurumi as you prefer, if you do it online I would really appreciate it if you would mention me as the pattern designer and in this way you would be supporting this wonderful project.


⭐We have yarn available on our website in case you want to purchase them, with shipments within the United States and Puerto Rico, here I share the range of colors that I have used in this project:
La Abuelita
Blanco C-1
Hilaza Sinfonía
Burdeos 824
Negro 803

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