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Dragons, an octopus with a five-foot tentacle span, and a giant jumping spider are just some of the crochet critters in Erin’s yarn menagerie. She focuses mainly on amigurumi — the Japanese art of crocheting small, stuffed animals. Though some of them ain’t so small.

Apollo the Octopus is her most ambitious crochet project to date. Its tentacles span five feet from tip to opposing tip, and each of his 480 suckers are slightly different shades requiring tedious attention to detail. There’s also Claude the Octopus, a simpler and popular crochet ocotpus design.

One of her Claudes accompanied Erin’s sister on a SCUBA adventure in Indonesia.

Erin took up a crochet hobby recently and has spun out a steady stream of crochet animals and plants ever since. She mostly gives them away to friends, though there’s a huge box of likely future dog toys in the house.

00:00 Crochet Critters
00:10 Possum
00:20 Baby Possums
00:37 5 ft Octopus Apollo
01:02 Why Crochet?
01:34 Claude the Octopus
01:47 SCUBA in Indonesia
01:57 Critters & Giant Spider
02:09 Crochet Cactus
02:30 Dragons & Fantasy Critters
02:44 COVIE the Coronavirus
03:14 What’s Next?

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Transcript of “Crochet Critters”

[ERIN]: So a dear friend of mine asked me to make a possum for her. And so I made a possum for her. The pattern that I used was for a bag holder, but I decided that since possum is North America’s only marsupial, that I should make some baby possums to go with it.

I’ve also made a couple of shawls and a sweater but the critters are kind of my favorite. I mean, just look at those faces. They’re just so cute. And they got the little feetsies!

[TEX]: What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever made?

[ERIN:] The octopus, Apollo, the octopus. And not only was it the biggest It was also the most tedious because it has 480 Suckers. And each sucker is an individual thing. And its ends have to be tied in or woven in. And if you know anybody who does crochet or knitting you know that weaving in the ends is the thing we hate the most.

My grandmother taught me how to crochet a long time ago. And I did it for a good long while, but stopped. I’m not sure exactly why. And I started recently when I got a kit for my niece as a Christmas present last year. So I started back up again, because I ended up buying two kids because I wanted one for myself. And I just found that it’s very relaxing, and I really enjoy it.

[TEX]: So you made another octopus too, right?

[ERIN]: Yes, I made Claude the octopus. I’ve made a couple of him. And he’s actually rather fun and quick to work up because his suckers are just puff stitches.

[TEX]: And your sister took a copy of Claude on her trip to Indonesia.

[ERIN]: My sister has Guardian Claude with her on her trip to Indonesia. She’s adventuring. Scuba diving at least like three dives a day. It’s amazing.

[ERIN]: I tried a cactus. It was a part of cactus with a bunch of different styles in it. So I got to learn a whole bunch of new different kinds of stitches while making that so that was really fun. So each cactus is a little bit different. Each one has its own little challenge. And I have a nice little plant that I’m not going to kill.

[TEX]: You’ve got some new books on how to make fantasy animals, but you’ve made a couple of dragons right?

[ERIN]: I’ve made a couple of dragons and I can’t wait to start making all kinds of very weird critters.

[TEX]: You deployed for the Coronavirus pandemic and one of the things you made — a lot of your co-workers wanted one.

[ERIN]: Covie! Yes, I made little coronaviruses out of crochet. That was kind of my first big project. I think I made a total of like 15 of them that I sent out to various friends. I kept the ugliest one. To be honest, I gave my friends the cuter ones and I keep getting reports back every now and then that somebody covets my Covie.

My next projects are probably going to be small projects, which are making other different kinds of plants. I haven’t bought the patterns yet but I’m very excited about that. Realistic looking plants and flowers.


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