Barcelona 0 x 0 Benfica | Melhores Momentos | Liga dos Campeões 23/11/21

for hours limiting the size of the crowd here tonight football they’ve never won they’ll be left with only europa league football to play sergey karasev of russia who’s taking charge of two bars and don’t forget this is the second big game for bob chamby the returning hero having to work in the boxing civilian start of the month so mario he’s back to maintain his other present record in this season bench they’ve only ever lost once at home to a portuguese side that was in 19 wonderful youngsters of course like gavin switch to a back three and uh chubby says they’ll play out uh press high he’ll want them to pass the ball quickly you want them to play out referred to nunes up front who’s carrying something of a knee and off we go there wide to the right touchline and that’s all the barcelona nico chubby hernandez who came through the youtube spread by frankie dion vista pi plays it back to the young he looked up i think megan plays out all that’s poured by barcelona out by to stagin and a weak effort in the time dinamo kiev go to lisbon [Applause] and a decent effort decent save that just got to it zipping on the wet uh awkward bouts cut in on that left foot all right frankie the young has probably done the best elite went to italy of kapika from barcelona and it’s an opportunity we’re in trouble [Music] speaker from range [Applause] [Music] [Applause] at the far post and tipped away make sure he was on the side whips that crossed left-footed looks for grimaldo it’s deflected saw the run of nico is that offside it’s i’ve arrived this is it [Applause] [Music] this is the opportunity julie alba and nico a lot of times nico has been adventurous though he’s if mario steps over it lifted into the box charts here oh lovely free kick chip forward but he was offside went to the far post good save by testagon the goalkeeper you might say but he stuck out that right got away from his mark could have gone out before it came back in the flag has stayed down and it’s true they weren’t comfortable with that hands raised didn’t play to the whistle brilliant finish choice short-lived keepers expecting across does get across you

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